Humminbird SmartCast RF15

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 Humminbird RF15 review by rvj

Product Description:

The Humminbird RF15, a fishfinder is one of the smart products by amazon. It is an advanced technology as compared to conventional fishing methods. It is specifically designed for the recreation purposes having a lot of built in digital capabilities. It is simple, excellent and convenient for fishing. This is small in size but has great applications to offer.

Technical details:

This advanced fishfinder is easily portable due to its light weighted structure. This latest version follows dimensions of 10.9 x 7.5 x 6 inches with a net weight of 2.4 pounds. This like other products of Amazon has to follow shipping policies with a shipping weight of 3 pounds. Its price is compatible with its applications. You can purchase it only for $149.99 and shipping is made free of cost. Shipping service is also available for countries outside U.S (shipping policies apply). ASIN B00070KN0A and its modal number 4063501 prove helpful while looking for this product in the foreign market place.

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Product Detail:

This excellent fishfinder uses conventional, single-beam sonar of 90-degree and covers    water depth up to several 100 feet. It has a big display of 3.875-inches with 160 x 132 pixels of resolution for displaying vital information. Its grayscale is up to four degrees which delivers better and clear bottom images, structure and the fish. Having a large and easily visible digital readout, it also contains backlight for fishing at night times. Power providers of this fishfinder are eight (not included) AA batteries. Being waterproof, it has an operating range of 100-feet, so you can travel easily without losing signal.

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Humminbird Smartcast RF15 makes your fishing easier and comfortable.  This contains a waterproof and programmed sonar technology. Also contains a tough carrying case having a non-slippery bottom and advanced RSS storage. This RSS includes temperature of water surface and could function for up to 500 hours in water. You can purchase replacements available on company’s website, your local dealer and outdoor retailers.


Some users find required setting of functions a little bit difficult but they can manage it with ease if they learn about proper usage through the provided manual. This Smartcast RF15  is an advanced technology with impressive features  of one-touch  navigation by which you can easily control, fish alarm, depth range, FishID+,  and sensitivity, also features advanced technology of Wet Switch  which enhances battery life by shutting down automatically when the RSS is not in the water. People who like travelling and go for fishing everywhere, this fishfinder is a perfect package. You can also give it as a gift to your loved ones and a gift wrap is also available for you.

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Let’s take a look at what some of the customers have said !!!

The smartcast hummingbird rf15 has proven itself as a valuable tool for both fishing from shore and on a boat.

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I was concerned about this product based on some of the reviews however, after the using the RF15 it has been great.

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Conclusion:                    5starAfter taking an overall view of Humminbird Smartcast RF15, it has been revealed that using this product makes your fishing easier, comfortable and time saving. Although it has great applications but the functioning is simple which could easily be understood by any person.

This is an excellent product by Amazon that takes care for the interests of its users.